Our Services
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Our Services

Transport of weapons, explosives, ammunitions, pyric materials, pyrotechnics (ADR Class 1)

Cigala Trasporti is one of the most specialized companies in Italy for the transport of weapons, explosives, ammunition, pyric and pyrotechnic material. The service provided is highly qualified as the transport of these materials requires careful and comprehensive analysis and planning, from the route to the correct means of transport. This is done with a view to ensure the greatest possible safety, both in the way the service is performed and in compliance with the scheduled times.

Transport of 20 “, 30”, 40 “and 45” containers enabled for ADR and IMDG Class 1

The company provides the transport service for different types of containers, meeting the needs of all those companies that find it difficult in this highly specialized logistic sector. These transports take place with ADR and IMDG approvals for Class 1 .

Transportation of military equipment

The transport of military equipment is part of those types of transport where precision, accuracy, safety and reliability must go hand in hand with a high level of competence in the sector. Cigala Trasporti is able to ensure this with maximum reliability.

Transport of all ADR classes – also with temperature control – except class 7

The service provided by Cigala Trasporti is able to satisfy transport for all ADR classes, i.e. for the transport of dangerous goods, for all classes of the standard except for class 7 (radioactive materials).

Transport of live plants

The company is able to perform the service of live plants within the major Italian and European markets in the sector, all through transport with controlled temperature.

Waste transportation

The transport of waste is another service where the law does not allow errors in safeguarding the environment. In addition to providing the service in full compliance with the environmental standards, Cigala Trasporti also provides specific advice in this area.

Porterage, loading and unloading service at military depots with own personnel and equipment

Among the various specialties, there is the porterage service, loading and unloading of goods and materials to military depots with their own personnel and equipment. This service requires high specialization and reliability in control management.

Distribution of explosives in quarries and construction sites

Not only transportation but also distribution: the company is capable of distributing explosive material in particular environments such as quarries and construction sites of any type and degree.

Armed escort service

In correlation to the transport of goods and / or in a highly/dangerous environment, Cigala Trasporti also provides an armed escort service, which is delivered by highly specialized and trained personnel for the management of any situation and / or emergency.

Preparation of transit permits for weapons, explosives, ammunition, pyric materials, pyrotechnics (ADR Class 1)

Cigala Trasporti is one of the very few companies in Italy able to provide a very high experienced and qualified service in carrying out the transit permit preparation service for weapons, explosives, ammunitions, pyric materials and pyrotechnics.

Consultancy service on EU freight transport regulations

The high level of logistics, bureaucratic and regulatory preparation of Cigala Trasporti’s staff allows us to provide a consultancy service on EU legislation for transporting high precision and reliability freight.

ADR regulation consultancy service

The ADR legislation requires a very high level of preparation and precision and, at such, Cigala Trasporti is able to provide consultancy service in this sector, with an accuracy of the highest degree and competence.